All About “Miss A” (Korean Girlband)

Miss A (미쓰에이, in Hangul), is a South Korean girl group under AQ Entertainment, sub-label of JYPE. miss A began as a five member group and were known as the JYP Sisters. One of the original members was Hye Lim, who replaced Sun Mi of the Wonder Girls. The two remaining members of the group, Wang Fei Fei and Meng Jia, soon had Suzy Bae added making the group into a trio. They released a CF song 다시 사랑 in Korea along with a Chinese version in China in June of 2010. They later added a final member, Min Young, who had trained with JYPE nine years prior to debut. miss A made their Korean debut on July 1, 2010 on Mnet! Countdown with their title track Bad Girl Good Girl and they are planned to be promoted across Asia.



Real name: Wang Feifei
Chinese name: 王霏霏
DOB: April 27, 1987
Birthplace: Haikou, Hainan, China
Height: 164cm
Member of initial JYPE concept group Sisters.


Real name: Meng Jia
Chinese name: 孟佳
DOB: February 3, 1989
Birthplace: Hunan, China
Height: 164cm
Member of initial JYPE concept group Sisters.


Real name: Lee Min-young
Korean name: 이민영 / 李敏英
DOB: April 21, 1991
Height: 161cm
Formed a dance group with SNSD’s Hyoyeon when she was 13.
Trained in US since 2005, made her American debut in 2007 with limited success.


Real name: Bae Sue-ji
Korean name: 배수지 / 裴秀智
DOB: October 10, 1994
Height: 166cm


2010.06.10 다시 사랑 (Samsung Anycall Campaign)
1.다시 사랑

2010.07.01 BAD BUT GOOD (First Single):
1. Bad Girl Good Girl
2. 딱 마주쳐
3. 다시 사랑
4. Break It

2010.09.27 Step Up (Second Single):
1. Step Up
2. Breathe
3. 멍하니
4. 그 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ

2011.07.18 A Class

Sites: En.Wikipedia and Ko.Wikipedia

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